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Aircraft Rides

The DFW Wing maintains a fleet of four historic aircraft which are all flown regularly in support of the CAF mission of education. These aircraft are often available for your events, fly-overs, tours, and rides. 

History Alive

Feel the cool air in the open canopy of the PT-17 "Stearman" (shown on the left) or experience the power of Twin Wasp 14-cylinder radial engines on the R4D-6S "Ready 4 Duty", each with 1,200hp. The DFW Wing has a plane for all riders!


Please Note

1. No riders are allowed under the age of 12

2. Riders must be able to get into and out of the aircraft under their own power

3. We will do our best to meet the scheduled day and time. Prior to your scheduled ride, you will be contacted to reschedule if weather becomes an issue. Safety is our first priority!


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