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Battleship Texas
Memorial Flights

Galveston International Airport
Saturday, April 27

Soar above the
battleship texas

and the Galveston area on a 
historic WWII aircraft

Fly Aboard the aircraft that's taking BB 35 back to Normandy...
the CAF's Douglas R4D
"Ready 4 Duty"

Rides are $500 per person.

Request Your Seat Reservation Today

Fill In and Submit the Form Below to Request Your Seat(s) Reservation

A scheduler will be in touch with you within 24 hours to confirm your flight reservation request.   You may request more than one seat.

Payment may be by Paypal, Mastercard, or Visa

Flight Times:
2:00 pm  (SOLD OUT)
3:00 pm (SOLD OUT)
4:00 pm (SOLD OUT)

Reservation Request Form

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Each seat is $500 per person.  All proceeds support the 501(c)3 restoration and educational activities of the Battleship Texas, the Commemorative Air Force, and the Navy to Normandy Tour.

Rider Age Limitations:

1.  Riders must be at least 12 years old.  Riders age 12 to 17 may ride on any CAF aircraft, as long as they have parent or guardian written permission.  

2.  All riders must be able to enter and exit the plane under their own power.  This is a safety requirement.  

3.  All riders, or their parent/guardian, must read and sign the CAF Hold Harmless Agreement.  

More About
Douglas R4D
"Ready 4 Duty"

The Douglas R4D (Navy), C-47 Skytrain (Army) and Dakota (RAF) were developed from the civilian DC-3 airliner.  It was used extensively in all theaters of the war.  "Ready 4 Duty" is a Navy version.  Her first assignment was to airlift wounded servicemen and cargo.  She later was used to test top secret electronic equipment.  Since 1985 "Ready 4 Duty" has been flying with the Commemorative Air Force to educate, honor and inspire. 

In the summer of 2024, the plane will be headed "over the pond" to participate in the 80th Anniversary of the D-Day landings at Normandy, France.  She will represent the Navy and the more than 7,000 ships and landing crafts that participated that fateful day.  

You can find out more information at 

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For More Info on Battleship Texas
Please visit


This event is sponsored by, and courtesy of
The Battleship Texas Foundation,
and the Commemorative Air Force.

Thank you...

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